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  1. We are trying to order shirts and visor to the stores. We are having trouble accessing the account with username and password. Tried resetting the password but we haven’t been sent a link to rest it. Please assist. In need of uniforms asap.

  2. On my last order from Bojangles’ 2807
    Hicks Rd, on my set of (6) Medium T-shirts I only received 2 the other 4 were smalls. So I ended up with 10 Smalls and 2 Medium. How can we get this fix?

  3. I am needing help accessing my account. Please contact me 252-823-3450, Leslie Ezzell. Thank you.

  4. New customer and no way to place order.

  5. I placed a order on 1/2/2018 have not received it an you please call me at 252-413-0542

  6. How do I order name tags. Thanks Lenore #23

  7. I am a Bojangles employee. I bread and fry chicken. I come home every workday with flour in my hair because my boss only gave me a visor. That’s fine, but I would like to order a real cap. I’m even OK with ordering 12 caps just to get one to keep the flour out of my hair. How do I open an account here? I don’t see how to obtain a password.

  8. Have an issue with not receiving an order placed on 3/2/18, please contact me.

  9. Please contact me I cannot access my account. Julie Dunlow #46 Robersonville. 252-795-2946.

  10. We are having trouble getting into website due to management being changed we need to get user name and password reset asap can you please help us with this matter

  11. Having trouble resetting pass word to log in

  12. When will our shipment be mailed out? Thanks Richard

  13. Hello, how are we doing? This is Juliet Jones at store 103 Richmond Va. I place an order last Monday and I would like to know if you could give me a tentative delivery date please?

  14. We are trying to order but can’t get into with password tried to reset password but don’t get anything we need to order uniform can someone help us please

  15. Our order number #776 Arrived and we are missing 6 Hats from our order

  16. Hi david from store 33 I made order on 8/25/2018 and have not receive it can you let me no if I will receive it thank

  17. Hi, this is Julie from Boj #46. I placed an order on the first of Sept. but I have not received it. I don’t see the order on my list of recent orders either. Do I need to just place another order? Thank you.

  18. I placed a order on 10/2/2018 I have not received it. Do I need to do another order.


  20. is there anyway we can order a 6x shirt

  21. I need a new password. I have reset it. It did not go to my email.


  22. Ordered uniforms a couple weeks ago still have not received them. Can’t start new employee’s until I receive uniforms.

  23. Hello,we are trying to order uniforms but we are having trouble with the password ,it will not send us the link to get/change password so that we may order.Please assist us with this,we need uniforms as soon as possible,thank you!

  24. I’m trying to order name tags but, they’re not offered on the website.

  25. Good morning, we were shorted 6 aprons on order # 38835. We should have received 2 packs of 6 but only received 1 pack. Can someone please correct this for us. Thanks, Angela

  26. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are a professional headwear supplier for the major customers in Europe, Australia, North America, etc.

    We manufacture:
    1. Caps & Visors
    2. Straw Hats
    3. Knits Hats(machine knitted and handmade)
    4. Cut & Sewn Hats
    5. Scarves and Gloves

    Excellent quality, pretty competitive price and strict timely delivery!

    Should you have any interest, please do not hesitate to contact us, free samples will be sent for your evaluation!

    Adam Lee | Sales Manager
    Ruichi Hats International
    19/F T2 B. Vanke City Plaza
    Nantong, Jiangsu 226011, China
    T: 86.513.89023198
    F: 86.513.89023199
    E: [email protected]

  27. Hi! I placed an order at the beginning of this week, but haven’t received my order nor received and email to let me know if you all have sent it. Is the order on the way?

  28. I placed an order at the beginning of the week and I haven’t received the order nor an email letting me know it may be on the way. Was the order received and when can I be expecting it?

  29. I have been trying to order new uniforms, but the user name and password are not working so I am unable to purchase anything.

  30. Placed a order on 06/26/2019. We need this order as soon a possible. I have new hires with no uniforms.

  31. Suspect is an entrancing offers as a explore as winning.

  32. Im emailing from the Bojangles in Washington NC, we are having trouble resetting the password

  33. Placed order on 06/26/2019 never received the order. Just placed a new order. Could some one please call me at 804-794-1298. Thanks.

  34. We placed an order on 8/14 do we have an ETA it says it is still processing

  35. Hi! I placed an order on 8/6 and have not received it yet. Can I get an update on order #1572 please

  36. Hi, we had our password replaced by you guys, now when we try to order uniforms, it wont let us go passed being logged in, please help ,we need uniforms asap. thanks. This is store #9, Jessica

  37. Experiencing issues resetting password

  38. Please send 1 large Bojangles DT Jacket. 1840 Parkwood Blvd. Wilson, NC 27893 252-237-4928

  39. I am not an employee, but I would love to have a Bojangles visor! Is there anyway I can purchase one?


  40. I ordered name tags and visors. I received name tags and shirts how do I fix this issue?

  41. There does not seem to be an option to create a new account. How would I do that? Thanks-

  42. I placed my order on 2/7/2019 never received my order. CAN YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT HAPPEN IT IS NOW 2/28. Angie #2

  43. I placed my order on 2/7/2020 still have not received my order. Can you please give a call at 252-413-0542. Thank you Angie…

  44. How can you create an account? I do not see that as an option. Please help.

  45. I work for Bojangles 44 and I would like to order me some more shirt due to the store only giving me 1 but I have to have a user name to order but it want let you make a name can you please contact me for info

  46. I work for Bojangles and I would like to order some more shirt how do I make an account

  47. Need to open account I’m a team leader need mask for my crew.

  48. I’m wanting to place an order but theirs no button for new customers

  49. Hello

  50. Trouble resetting password for account.

  51. Can someone please respond to me

  52. I’m wanting to place an order but theirs no button for new customers

  53. I would like to place an order but I’m not able to as a “new customer”

  54. Does anyone monitor this page. I didn’t get a response and I don’t see any responses to others either. Is this just a waste of time ….I would expect more from Bojangles!!!!

  55. I’m a new costumer having trouble placing an order

  56. I ordered on 10/13/2020 your website said it was sent out. Just wanting to know how much longer it is going to take to get here.

  57. How do i create an account?

  58. How do i create account? It will not let me check out.

  59. How to access account. Has no record of my email

  60. if you want a relationship
    and not only

  61. How can I order one of these Risk it for the biscuit shirts? I need one for a Christmas gift really bad!

  62. I want to order a tshirt for Xmas gift but the site won’t let me create an account or proceed to checkout.

  63. I’m trying to order quite a few items for myself as an employee and willing to pay with my own money however it will not allow me to create an account/password. It seems as though I’m not the only one experiencing the same dilemma. Is this a legit website?

  64. Hey. I am trying to order some uniforms. I am a new customer.
    I tried to check out but I need to login to order.
    There is no way to create an account.
    Plus, they say I should go to shipping and billing.
    There is no link to get to shipping and billing.
    Please help.


  65. I was going to place an order but wasn’t able to make an account. I see you have had this problem for at least two years now. I didn’t see any response’s to anyone’s emails concerning this issue. Also didn’t see a response to any other complaints. You would think Bojangles would give employee’s more than one shirt.


  67. My grandson is having a Bojangles Birthday party August 7th for his 13th birthday. We have already bought tshirts for everyone and thought it would be fun to have name tags but we can not order them. Can you help?
    Charlotte Thaxton
    3501 Forestville Rd
    Raleigh, NC 27616

  68. I am trying to order more shirts for an employee. I am not able to checkout, because I am not logged in. However, I do not see any way to create an account. Can someone tell me what I need to do?

  69. Been trying to order uniforms for 2 weeks. Sending request to get reset sent to my email, however no response. Very desperate to get needed items for new hires and staff with worn uniforms!! Thanks for your attention to this matter.

  70. I placed an order on 8/20/21 and still haven’t received it. Can you please give me an ETA for the order. Please and Thank you.

  71. I would like to know the status of the order that was placed on 9/7/2021. Angie


  73. We made an order on 12/1/21 and we have not received it as of 12/13/21 and we need it ASAP.Could someone assistance us with this,thank you.

  74. I need a visor hat. The ball cap does not fit my head. How can I get this?

  75. we have tried to reset the password but the email will not come in for us to reset and we really need order shirts as we have new hires coming in and we have no uniforms

  76. I want to buy 6 shirts but I cannot create an account. I’m not an employee but a big fan of Bojangles. I live out in Kansas and I think you guys would do absolutely amazing here in business.

  77. Ron Greene @#1258 Bojangles Pio Nono Macon GA..trying to reset my password. Firewall will not allow. Please advise..478 442 3122

  78. Just want to check and see how long on the back order for the visor that I order two weeks ago. Angie

  79. Hi! We’re unable to reset our password when we try to login. The email never come through so we’re able to reset it

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